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A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense

Responsive Design

Responsive design is so important to great UI design as multiple devices are commonly used to view websites and extensive testing is used to follow latest responsive design principles.

SEO optimized

All the latest google algorithm standards are followed to make sure your site is well ranked and easy to find. Extra Adword and custom SEO work is available upon request.

Social Media Integration

Social media is a huge part of being discovered on the web and custom social media integration can be added to give your web project more reach and easy accessibility.

E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce is a great way to earn revenue through websites and frameworks can be incorporated through a CMS or as a standalone option. Payment gateways can be integrated.

Multilingual Compatibility

Having a multilingual website is great for websites wanting to reach a larger audience and this can be achieved through many popular CMS platforms and can improve website traffic  greatly.

User Interface Design

As well as coding and building the framework User Interface and User Experience design is a crucial part of the development process and this service offered to all projects.


Good design is good business

My name is Andrew and love designing and building websites. I specialise in web development and UI/UX design mainly developing websites with WordPress, I am based in Freiburg, but originally from Melbourne Australia. I have been building websites for over 8 years and love my job. I have a real passion for beautiful and user friendly web design. I really enjoy the whole website development process and seeing great ideas come to life. I work for many different size businesses from single person entrepreneurs to large companies.


I have travelled lots and lived in lots of countries over my time as a web designer, this has giving me the opportunity to work for some great international clients and meet amazing people all over the world. My philosophy is that while creating a beautiful website is important, I want to give the user a great and lasting experience and make them want to come back for more. ajr web design can bring all your ideas to life.

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